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Trimmed Cypress

The boys trimmed this beautiful Cypress – looks awesome!  Not only does the tree look better and more balanced, but you can see that wind and light can now get through the canopy, making the tree healthier and more resistant to storm damage.

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Who’s Living in Your Trees?

There is nothing like waking up to the sound of sweet bird songs. That’s because living among nature has been proven to be good for us by reducing stress and making us healthier. Trees create this natural atmosphere and act as homes to the animals that inhabit it, creating a symbiotic relationship. They help each…

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Save Money with Tree Maintenance

First off, well maintained trees make an impression and make us feel great, relatively inexpensively! Most of us know that trees selflessly and tirelessly create oxygen, but did you know that trees contribute to a positive perception of our surrounding environment? Properly managed trees have been proven to increase property values, bolster tourism, and foster…

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