What About Wildlife?

This aspect of tree care is very near and dear to me. Over the years of being in and around trees, I have had the privilege of having some awesome animal encounters. My children and I have successfully raised and released six baby squirrels back into the wild after their homes were lost from the unforeseen consequences of tree work. I also had the opportunity to share and educate children in my local school district about the relationship between trees, animals and us. Nothing like a baby squirrel works to get a child’s attention!

Through the wonderful efforts of my local SPCA, I was able to help rehome and relocate two baby great horned owls after their dead tree was removed. The mother owl returned and the mission was successful. This encounter really touched my heart. Consequently, this experience inspired my idea to use two owls as my signature logo. Thanks to the gracious and generous help of a very talented photographer named Todd Tamcsin, my dream is taking shape. (Check out the amazing work on his website.)

Be assured if there is wildlife residing in your trees, measures will be taken before any work begins. I respect trees and animals, and there is always a way to mitigate problems and cohabitate.